Monday, June 23, 2014

A New Hope

So the title of this blog is derived from the original Star Wars movie, the most inspirational movie of my life.  But that won't be the theme of this blog (see ).  I've learned a lot about life over the past 5 decades, and probably more about myself over the past 5 years than the rest of my years combined.  It's difficult to describe what the definition of life is. There are several in the dictionary, but this one is my favorite:   the general or universal condition of human existence.  There are so many cliches to describe our lives; the grass is always greener on the other side. The early bird gets the worm.  Old habits die hard (sound familiar?).  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Laughter is the best medicine.  When the going gets tough, etc., etc., etc..I suppose there is good reason why these cliches have stuck around for so long.  As I said in my first blog, I don't have an agenda for my writing.  And as I write, my hope is that my experiences will help those who take the time to read it.  I am honored by the fact that my blog has been read in the US, Canada, Hungary, Germany Malaysia, India, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine..I am honored by the interest of so many people in my journey.  But I think I can do so much more to help.  So I will share with you the conclusion of what I suppose you can call the first chapter of my blog, my thoughts going forward, and how recent events in my wantrepreneurial journey have shaped my life, and how it can help to influence yours. 

I met the new general manager last week.  For those of you who follow the astrology path, he is a Virgo, just like me.  We were born a day apart.  The energy was so positive when he was introduced to me by the VP that there had to be a logical (or astrological) explanation.  So it's a good start.  But I won't be fooled.  I need to move on.  For those of you in a similar position, be thankful if you report to somebody that you can have a good working relationship with.  But remember, that can change in an instant.  Or maybe it already has, possibly for the worse.  Or maybe it's just been a very unhealthy relationship all along. Hence, this blog.  Be ready to move, to pivot, to change.  Get uncomfortable.  This is how I plan to do it.  

I've spent the last six years of under and unemployment waiting for and creating the next opportunity.  When the going got tough, I looked to the horizon; there are other companies out there who need my services, where I can prove myself and earn a good living, until the next opportunity comes along.  And I can get out of my present predicament.  This has been my mentality, even up until a couple of days ago.  I figured, the GM with whom I've worked with for two years is gone.  It's time to find a job closer to my family in New Jersey.  Get out while I can!  Watch out, hear comes the axe!  Well, guess what.  It's bullshit.  And a copout. I've been running at the first sign of trouble for so long, that I've forgotten how to recognize my accomplishments, be confident in my abilities, and stay put until I'm ready to move on.  I mentioned last post that I'm getting married this week.  And it's got me thinking, about how to get myself out of my comfort zone until I am ready to make the jump into entrepreneurship, and out of the corporate world.  And the answer is, (drumroll, please.........) I'm going to stay put.  I'm not running anymore.  I've earned a reputation here (two turnaround successes in two years).  Parts of that reputation may not always put me in good standing with the powers that be.  But I've earned their respect.  And that's worth something. I don't want to move around.  My dream?  To have a business that is mobile, where I can operate the business from anywhere in the world.  Upstate NY is beautiful, and still driving distance from my family. With plenty of airports that can take me to Hungary.  Wherever you may be in your career, prove yourself while your there.  Work hard.  Impress yourself.  Go home knowing that you gave it 120%, each and every day.  It's the best training you can possibly present to yourself.  How will you make it on your own if you can't make it where you are?  We're going to need this experience to make it on our own, times ten (at least). There is value to where you are right now.  You are there for a reason (pick you astrological, religious, philosophical, or universal slant here).  No matter what your choice, YOU ARE THERE TO LEARN.  So learn EVERYTHING you possibly can at your job.  Consider it training for the leap to freedom.  And find a mentor or life coach or whatever you want to call it, paid or unpaid.  Start finding people in your community who think the same way that you do, who are looking for like-minded people to share and gain experience from.  You won't learn from your friends, your family, or the like (unless you come from an entrepreneurial background, which in that case, DEVOUR THE MINDS OF YOUR FAMILY, AND SEEK OUT THE ONES WHO ARE CONTENT IN THEIR ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY).  This is business, and you need somebody who has been there, done that.  Somebody smarter than you.  You won't learn if you're not challenged.  I'm searching for the right coach right now.  It may cost me a bit financially.  But ask yourself; when was the last time that you invested in yourself?  I'm not talking about college or university, but YOURSELF?  I'm worth it, and so are you.  So start looking.  John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast has interviewed some amazing entrepreneurs.  Skim through some of his podcasts, and have a listen to somebody who may fit your mold.  They may not end up your mentor, but they will offer guidance. There is somebody of interest there for me, and his name is Adam Urbanski.  I'm looking into it.  So here you go:  Good luck, and I'll see you on the other side..

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  1. Beautifully written, as usual. i agree that it is a good choice to stay put, for now, and work things out. How else does one learn the persistence and focus one needs to go out on their own? or for anything in life. It is always good policy to persevere.

    Congratulations on your nuptials. Enjoy your journey!